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2019 Summer Skill Development and Conditioning



Rams Hockey Association is pleased to offer their 3rd annual Summer Development Camp run by our Director of Hockey and Rockford Varsity Head Coach, Coach CJ Pobur.  

***The RHA Summer Development Camp is open to ALL players regardless of school district or hockey association you currently play for***

The summer camp will be run very similar to years past where kids will be placed in groups based by age and/or caliber.  Depending on the group there will be on ice, off ice, classroom style, and weight training.


Our summer camp is focused on overall athletic development of each of our players. Sessions will include, but are not limited to the following concepts/ practices.

Philosophy: Summer camps are great for athletic development, but a condensed week long camp overloads our players with information. With a 6 week program, we have the opportunity to see true 6 week development, provide consistency in teaching, and practice repetition over a long period of time instead of just one week five days in a row.

On ice: Skating power, stride extension, explosiveness, agility, and conditioning. Speed and quickness with and without puck. Offensive concepts of scoring, passing, puck control, etc.  Defensive concepts of body position, stick position, and on ice awareness, etc.

Off ice: Plyometric and interval based training, agility, flexibility, overall body mobility. We will aim to gain mastery over our bodies and transfer this body control to on ice concepts. Multi-sport games and team concept development.

Weight Training: Age Specific training for strength and power. Weight training will aim to develop hockey specific muscles and have a focus on in season injury prevention.

Classroom: Age specific training for hockey specific or team concepts. Players will be introduced to a practice or concept in a classroom setting to optimize ice time and also develop our overall hockey and leadership development.

Please review below and register for the appropriate group. *In some circumstances (by recommendation) players will be placed in groups that doesn’t match their age specification.

Pricing and Schedule


Off Ice/ Weights @ Rockford High School (Meet @ Fitness Center Doors)

4100 Kroes St NE, Rockford, MI 49341

On Ice/ Classroom @ Cedar Rock Sportsplex

4758 Cornfield Dr, Cedar Springs, MI 49319



7 week program: (Group schedules listed below)

Week 1: June 17-20th
Week 2: June 24-27th

**Off Week : July 1-4th

Week 3: July 8-11th
Week 4: July 15-18th
Week 5: July 22-25th
Week 6: July 29- Aug 1st

Pricing: Full Camp (listed), Weekly, and Daily pricing flexibility available

Group 1:  College, Junior A, AAA, and Varsity players (15 & up)


Monday 11-12pm Off Ice @ RHS
12-1pm Weights @ RHS  (Group 1 & 2)
5- 5:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock (Group 1 & 2)
5:30- 6:30pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock

Wednesday 11-12pm Off Ice @ RHS
12-1pm Weights @ RHS (Group 1 & 2)
Thursday 7- 7:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock (Group 1 & 2)
7:30- 8:30pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock


Group 2:  18u/ 16u


Monday 12-1pm Weights @ RHS  (Group 1 & 2)
1-2pm Off Ice @ RHS
4-5pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock
5-5:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock (Group 1 & 2)

Wednesday 12-1pm Weights @ RHS (Group 1 & 2)
1-2pm Off Ice @ RHS

Thursday 6-7pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock
7- 7:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock (Group 1 & 2)


Group 3:  14u


Tuesday 11:30- 12:30pm Off Ice @ RHS
Wednesday 5-6pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock
6-6:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock
Thursday 11:30- 12:30pm Off Ice @ RHS


Group 4:  12u / 10u (by recommendation)


Tuesday 12:30- 1:30pm Off Ice @ RHS
Wednesday 6-6:30pm Classroom @ Cedar Rock
6:30-7:30pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock
Thursday 12:30- 1:30pm Off Ice @ RHS


Group 5:  10u and younger


Monday 6:30-7:30pm On Ice @ Cedar Rock
Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm Off Ice @ RHS


Please direct any questions to: 

CJ Pobur 
RHA Director of Hockey Operations 
Rockford Varsity Hockey- Head Coach
Team West MI MDHL- Head Coach

(248) 941-4909